Mycoal Warm Packs

Our Work

We are the European Distributors of the amazing Mycoal Warm Packs. We supply companies across all EU territories in quantities from a single box to multiple containerloads. Our scalable distribution model, utilises partner companies in most countries to supply individual retail outlets. In the UK we work with a number of strategic partners with their own distribution chains and retailers, as well as our own distribution infrastructure. We supply the vast majority of orders from our massive stocks, so you don’t get left in the cold.

In the UK we also import, manufacture and distribute a wide range of useful accessory products to the wintersports and outdoor retail sectors. For our latest catalogue please contact us.

Who are Mycoal?

Our Company. Our Mission.

We’re all about people. We’re a small business based in Southampton that’s been trading for over thirty years. We have been distributing disposable warm packs under the Mycoal brand for all of this time.

The brand name Mycoal actually originates from the Japanese factory that designed our products. They have been manufacturing since 1904 and are proud to continue their tradition of providing the very best quality products. We, as a distributor are fully independent and have been since our founding.

Our company selects our products from a vetted group of manufacturers that supply great quality products. These suppliers are carefully checked and tested in a process that might take several years. Our manufacturing partners are checked, challenged and questioned at every step. This ensures a very close working relationship and a great quality product. As a reputable distributor, we always work very hard to supply a quality level that reflects our core values. 

Our Company Ideals

Following on from the philosophy of our original supplier, it is easy to refine our operating principles into a single, simple thought.

Our Mission; To supply the best quality heat packs throughout the EU.

Our Philosophy: To strive for the best service for every single customer.

That’s us in a nutshell, now let’s talk about you!

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Mycoal Warm Packs Ltd, Unit 52, Romsey Industrial Estate Greatbridge Road, Romsey, Hampshire SO51 0HR Tel: 023-8051 3300