Weather Beating Warmth. 

Feel warm and cosy..

You’ll feel at home and cosy wherever you are with Mycoal Warm Packs. Our legendary disposable warmers will keep you warm and happy, no matter where life takes you. Our latest warmers are available in our online store.

We’ve been distributing these and loads of other outdoor and wintersports products for many years, so go ahead and ask us anything. 

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We’ve been importing and distributing disposable warmers for over 30 years. That’s an awful lot of people made very warm and happy.

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How cosy would you like to be?

With our warmers, you can be warm and cosy from top to toe.

But that’s not all. There are lots of other lines in our shop. Go on, take a look around.

Our Focus. Great Service.

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Our Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of a company. At Mycoal we are proud to have a huge range of clients all with differing needs and expectations. We have a philosophy that allows us to supply a huge range of clients from International retail multiples, to distribution specialists right down to individual end users. But, we don’t only operate on different scales, we operate across many different market sectors also. No matter what you do, we’ll be equipped to work right along with you.

Where are you?



We are happy to deliver products to any location you need them. Our customers are situated all over Europe and indeed beyond. If you need a palletload of Toe Warmers sent to Tbilisi, Turin or Telford or some wax in Wentworth, the chances are high that we can get it to you!

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

“I’ve worked in the outdoor industry a very long time and it still fascinates me. The sheer variety of clients, needs and products is endless and no two days are ever the same.”

Karl, Sales Gofer.

What we do..



We supply a range of outdoor and wintersports accessories throughout Europe. Our ranges include specialised wintersun care, ski servicing tools and waxes, socks, other softgoods and loads of unusual items.

We are always happy to customise products for retailers and distributors and to source special products that can otherwise be hard to locate. With a proven network of resources, suppliers and contacts. We are a truly versatile business partner.

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