Extra life Handwarmer 10+ Hours (Box 40 pairs)


New extra long running handwarmer.

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Our newest handwarmer heats within minutes and goes on for simply ages. It’s a little beefier than the older version, with an extra large dose of the reactant material. This gives you the extra few hours of running time, that you asked for. This handwarmer is perfect for those working all day in colder environments. We also recommend this to those that use warmer products on a daily basis, giving you the extra hours of comforting warmth.  

The new longer duration profile also gives slightly higher temperatures toward the middle and end of of the cycle. Those people that notice the slow temperature drop off at the end of the day will appreciate the extra lifespan of this warmer and its extra heat over the last couple of hours. Even when not using the full duration of the warmer this extra heat toward the end is very useful. 



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