Hand Warmers Box 40 pairs

Hand Warmers Box 40 pairs


Mycoal Handwarmers are the very best handwarmer on the market.

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Simply open this packet to expose Mycoal Handwarmers to the air and they start to work.

  Simple, safe, lightweight and very warm, our handwarmer is amongst the finest available.

Manufactured with a care and attention to detail that cheaper competitors cannot match, these show their superiority in terms of reliability, longevity and heat output. Reliability is our prime criteria, we prefer our products to fulfill their purpose first time, every time. 

Our handwarmers will produce good heat for a minimum of 7 hours. The warmer will continue to produce heat at a lower output level for longer. Warmup time is around 15-20 mins. 

This is a bulk pack of handwarmers that is suitable for a family skiing trip or a whole winters worth of icy days for one person!

Please refer to our FAQ section for usage tips.

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