Skiman Quick Sharp Kit


Ski Man Quick Sharp Kit. Ski Edge Sharpener.

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This little side edge sharpener, the Ski Man Quick Sharp Kit is a highly portable small format side edge sharpening tool. It  features two available side edge angles with 40mm abrasives supplied. Its compact form means you can carry it easily on the hill if needed. Its has great ergonomics and very steady handling and stability in use. It offers a choice of 89 and 88 degree side angles. You can rotate the work direction of the abrasives (not the file though!) 4 ways for longer life.

It’s super easy to use following a three step system.

Step 1: Remove burrs on the edge with the coarse Zirconium abrasive. This will help remove the harder rock damaged areas. Zirconium is ideal for this as its a super hard abrasive material that even works on case hardened burrs. 

Step 2: Use the file in one direction only, there’s a handy arrow marked on the side edge of the file to remind you. This will do the main bulk of the sharpening work. You must ensure that you use the correct side of the sharpener to set the correct side edge angle. 

Step 3: Use the diamond abrasive plate to finish the job with a nice polished refined and above all sharp edge. Use a lubricant with  all diamond abrasives, water is fine for this job, but purpose made lubricants are better. 

Spare abrasives and files are available. 

We view this as a perfect item for occasional users and holiday toolkit usage. 


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