Ski Man Easy Sharp Kit


Ski Man Easy Sharp Kit. Handy side edge Ski Sharpener.


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Ski Man Easy Sharp Kit is a very complete suite of tools for basic occasional ski and snowboard tuning. It is supplied with a high quality Swiss made Icecut file for easy and rapid sharpening . This is a 40mm length, so if a longer file is a high priority, we suggest the Racing Sharp, however the smaller size renders the Easy Sharp much more pocketable. 

The Skiman Easy Sharp fits nicely into the hand during use and is super easy to work with, encouraging very controlled pressure and offering a nice grippy shape to hang on to whilst filing. It offers a nice selection of edge angles. It does offer only side edge sharpening, but this is 95% of your basic servicing requirements.

 The tools on offer here are the Icecut File, which gives great cutting ability, a Zirconium abrasive to remove rock burrs and a diamond abrasive. The file, as in common with all files, should be used only in the correct direction in long passes from tip to tail of the ski. There is a handy arrow on the edge of the file to help guide you. The diamond plate should be used to finish and  polish the edge using water or special polishing lubricant. (Oils or wd40 as lubricant could possibly affect your wax). 

These three steps are easy to follow, and give nice results which enhances the performance of your ski. Regular maintenance really improves the enjoyment and safety of your skiing holiday. A ski which turns easily, grips well on icier pistes and runs smoothly and glides well is always easier to control. 


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