Pocket Combi 2 Edge Sharpener


Kunzmann Pocket Combi 2 Edge sharpener. For skis and boards. Sharpens Side and Base Edges. File Supplied.

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The sequel that’s better than the original. The Kunzmann Pocket Combi 2 edge sharpener adds a few more tricks to an already great little edge tool. For many skiers and snowboarders this is possibly all the tool that you will ever need.

The Combi 2 sharpens both side and base edges with a supplied 70 x 25mm standard file. It has an easy to use grippy profile and a very high quality compact plastic body.  Its compatible with an array of alternate abrasives and files, making it very versatile.

Side Edge Angles 88 and 89 degrees.

Base Edge Angle 1 degree.

This selection of angles covers most leisure skis or snowboards produced.



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