Kunzmann Speed Compact Edge Tuner


One  of the best selling edge tools.

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The Speed Compact is one of our all-time best selling Ski and Snowboard edge sharpening tools. With a huge feature set and great quality and versatility its perhaps unsurprising. This one little tool can do pretty much everything you need.  If you are after a tool to base your tuning kit around, this could be the best starting point. With an array of compatible abrasives and ability to work on side and base edges in a wide selection of angles, you have a pocket tuning kit at your disposal.

Its fairly easy and quite ergonomic to use with a fairly substantial grip surface. The fit in the hand is excellent.

The roller bearing encourages a smooth and even pass and the clicky angle adjuster is easy and satisfying to use. Brass wear pins are a nice touch also. The Speed Compact also comes supplied with a small screwdriver for adjusting and replacing the supplied file.



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