Racing Sidewall Stripper


Kunzmann Racing Sidewall remover. Comes with carbide cutting blade.


An essential tool for more advanced ski tuning procedures. The racing sidewall stripper permits a clear view and great control of the cutting edge. Easy to adjust and solid construction make this a tool that should last just about forever. Superb ergonomics, highly stable and precise action.

A sidewall remover is a tool  that removes a small fillet of plastic that is blocking your side edge sharpener from correctly cutting the metal of the edge. As you would expect, it is a class of tool that should be used sparingly and carefully. Its particularly valuable when you are cutting more acute side edge angles. The sidewall of the ski can really be obstructive to the filing and sharpening process.

The correct cutting procedure will produce long consistent plastic shavings and only remove just enough material to allow the file to start cutting the metal edge and no more. The best method is to pull the tool toward you in long smooth strokes, after setting the cutting blade correctly to your desired depth and height. If the tool judders it will cause unnecessary drag on the snow surface due to uneven chunks removed from the sidewall. If you remove too much material, you risk weakening the sidewall too much to support the edge correctly.

Comes supplied with carbide combination blade. Spares available.


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