Skiman Quick Vice


Skiman Quick Ski vice. Simple, lightweight support for casual ski tuning.

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The Skiman Quick Vice is a great choice for casual basic ski servicing. It provides lightweight support for both base and side servicing operations. Being very lightweight its obviously ideal for travelling. You just need to find a workspace to clamp it to! Please don’t use the dining table in your hosts apartment! The vice is equipped with rubber contact pads, but molten wax is hell on polished mahogany.

The vice is made from cast aluminium and has wear resistant steel clamping bolts. It provides good support at both ends but we do recommend that this vice is used for lighter, more casual operations. Enthusiastic, aggressive, wax scraping requires some more support in the centre of the ski. The perfect usage for this would be for the novice ski technician, or as a holiday travel option. We’d urge people toward the more substantial Ski Vice Comp or Pro for a home workshop setup.


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