Ski Man Racing Sharp Kit


Versatile complete edge tuner. 


Ski Man Racing Sharp Kit is a larger sized, fully featured side and base edge sharpener. This allows for all possible operations with one tool. The Racing Sharp Kit comes fully loaded with an 80mm Swiss made Icecut file and 40mm Zirconium and Diamond abrasive plates.  Tool handling is quite excellent, feeling very nice, with good positive grip and control. 

The side edge options are 89/88/87 and 86 degrees. Base bevelling is possible at 0.5 and 1 degree increments. 

The simple three step system gives great results for all  users, with minimal effort involved. 

  1. Use the Zirconium abrasive to remove burrs and rock damage. 
  2. File by drawing the file towards you in long strokes, working from tip to tail. Use the printed arrow on the side of the file to guide you.
  3. Finish with the diamond to polish and refine the edge. This will give you a super sharp edge. 
  4.  In common with all sharpening operations, de-tune the tips and tails after with a few gentle strokes using a gummi stone.

To use the base bevelling option simply use the crosswise file holding slots. You may only use the 80mm file for this operation. We have not currently tested other filing inserts for this job. 





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