Wow, that ones a biggie! Its probably a whole website (or two) of content required. It is a subject bigger than this page, but we’ll work on more helpful content as we go!

However, it’s certainly within anyone’s ability to learn how to deliver a basic ski service. The very best method is to attend a one day course. You can book a suitable course through The Piste Office, based near Nottingham, we are very happy to recommend Jon’s service tuition. He teaches many students every year and has a purpose designed workshop for this. This will give you the foundation to move ahead with confidence.

A further learning method would be to research carefully on Youtube. Be aware that not all video demonstrations are authoritative and some even provide somewhat misleading information. My best advice here is to be prepared to review several videos from different creators and gain a general sense of what is to be done. Move forward in baby steps and be prepared to alter your working method as you discover new information. Myself, I’ve been tuning skis since the late 80’s and I’m still discovering new techniques and  applying them in my own work.

Please don’t feel that its a tricky process, it simply is a few hand tools and a few techniques. Not Rocket Science, though you might feel that your skis are rockets after your hard work.