Kunzmann Complete Mini Edge Tuner Kit


A Complete Mini Edge Tuner kit. Ideal Xmas gift.


Our smallest side edge tuner has just become our biggest!  This brand new kit bundles all of the possible edge tuning options into a tiny package. 

The Kunzmann Edge Trick is a tiny pocketable edge and base tuner that can easily handle day to day tuning needs. It features an easy to use  click stop angle adjustment mechanism with a five degree range of adjustment for the side edges. The large roller bearing glides safely across the bases, this makes for a highly compact tool. Whilst being compact the Kunzmann Edge Trick is highly ergonomic, with great attention being given to the practicalities of using such a small tool. 

In the new Complete bundle we include virtually every option available: 

  • Alu Oxide Stone, bust off rust and grind away burrs and rock damage with this tool. (Art KU3058)
  • Fine File, use to remove coarser file marks and produce first edge refinement.  (Art KU3067)
  • Three Diamond files. Start  with Black (K200) followed by Blue (K300) and Red (K500) to produce a high quality sharp edge. Each step is designed to slowly polish the previous stage, so that you left with a smooth running surface. Your edges will be beautifully sharp and grippy following this treatment. Please always use diamond tools with water or polishing liquid.
  • The final finish is with our ceramic stone giving a mirror surface polish. (Art3059) 
  • Edge Trick Ski and Snowboard tuning Tool. Adjustable for both side and base edges. 

As this is a small tool its not suited to restoring totally blunted skis or boards, but its more for use as a daily maintenance toolkit. 

This will be a perfect useful kit for any skier that wishes to keep their edges in pristine condition and working at the highest level of performance. If Santa is reading this, I know of a few skiers that really need The Complete Kit. A perfect Xmas gift. 

  Total RRP £73.92


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