Skiman Plexi Sharp Scraper Sharpener


Skiman Plexisharp Scraper Sharpening Guide

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The  Skiman Plexi Sharp is a very useful piece of kit indeed that will improve service efficiency with regular usage. As you scrape down the excess wax after your  hot waxing process the edge of your plexi scraper becomes dull and rounded very quickly. A blunted and worn edge requires many times the effort to use resulting in wasted time and energy. A pro technician keeps multiple scrapers available whilst working and simply discards them into a box for later reconditioning. For those of us without the  workshop space for a belt grind machine the plexi sharp is a very useful solution. Its designed to be screwed or clamped to a bench in a handy location, ready to use when wax scraping becomes more difficult.

To use this tool is really simple and fast, simply insert the worn plexi scraper into the slot, nice and flat, and draw through the slot against the direction of the file teeth. The guide ensures you achieve the perfect 90 degree angle every time.  It generally only takes a few passes and very little time. One of the very best investments for those setting up a home workspace for ski and board servicing.

The added bonus of this little tool is the added safety factor, the radial cut files used for this purpose are wickedly sharp and using them ‘naked’ to sharpen  a scraper, is a really great way to sacrifice a little blood to the ski gods. Also this method is time inefficient, so you’ll end up sharpening much less often, thus leading to more time loss.



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