Some stock footage, a laid back tune from ccMixter, fancy transitions, a cool colour grading, sounds like a corporate video to me Doc. First time that I’ve made this sort of thing.

It was an interesting experiment, I’ve never really got to grips with Adobe Premiere Pro before now, it’s such a behemoth of a piece of software that it will take a long time to fully understand. I was somewhat struggling with the whole multi window editor and trying to work on a laptop screen. It seems to need to be viewed on a massive screen, to get full control of all the tiny handles and buttons. I really struggled trying to hit the right control to speed ramp some of the driving footage.

Last time that I tried video editing seriously on a laptop was a good number of years ago using Sony Vegas 7. This was a much simpler operation as I recall, but a much less capable suite of software. I do remember it crashing rather a great deal though, with the RAM available on PC’s of that era, it was hardly a surprise.

I did rather enjoy the process of choosing suitable clips from Pexels it’s a great stock photo and video site, where I will definitely be searching for content on a regular basis and probably adding a few of my own pieces. ccMixter has always been a source to get some great beats that won’t violate any copyright rules, provided you attribute music to the artist, of course. Music is something that is such a hard thing to make and I always try my hardest to give the correct credit to musicians in return.

So, that’s my first try at making a corporate video, I’m pretty happy at the end result and it cost me nothing but a few hours of trying and retrying. There is still a lot that I can improve upon though, so my next one will be somewhat more polished. If you need one for your website or social media, I really suggest starting with the simpler tools out there such as Premiere Rush, as the learning curve of Premiere Pro is super hard. But I really did enjoy the learning experience. I firmly believe that a picture does convey a thousand words and a moving picture is so much more powerful, so I guess there will be a whole bunch more videos to follow. There must after all be a whole lot of stories in the outdoor and wintersports industry to tell.