One of the most frustrating elements of planning an outdoor shoot is the location itself! As suppliers we are occasionally asked to deliver products to some very odd locations. This would not be a problem if we delivered the products ourselves, but of course we don’t actually do this. As with all companies we rely on courier services to deliver our heat packs. This is mostly trouble free and simple. 
Now perhaps imagine a scenario where you have set up in a car park somewhere in the middle of a rural village or a field somewhere. What happens when you try and get things delivered there? There is no postcode for a location like this, so you could borrow the postcode of your nearest neighbour several miles away, with all of the inherent difficulties.

Perhaps you could use grid references or coordinates if you were quite technically astute. Or maybe somebody could invent something better…

Enter What3Words….. 

Mycoal have installed a brand new way to communicate your location unit to our courier partners. With three simple words your location unit can be pinned down to a 3 metre square! With a simple lightweight app on a smart device your gps will pinpoint your location to a fine point, dependant upon your gps signal reception! So, once your unit base is established just fire up the what3words app and then it becomes a cinch to get your deliveries right where they are needed.

Why not visit what3words and discover how helpful accurate location can be? Grab your app and start letting your friends know that you’ll meet them at ///spoon.fool.gooseberry instead of a vague ‘somewhere or other’.