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SRUK (Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK)  are a charity that Mycoal have been aware of for a rather long time. SRUK have supported sufferers of Raynaud’s syndrome and Scleroderma for many years.
The painful debilitating condition of Raynaud’s syndrome affects many people in the UK and beyond. Indeed, up to 10 million of us are estimated to have some form of Raynaud’s. Most people have very mild variations and simply ignore the symptoms.

If you suffer from painfully cold fingers or toes or exhibit a colour change in you extremities in response to cold or stress, you might be perhaps one of those.

We’ve known that Mycoal Handwarmers are a particularly effective relief method for painful cold fingers, for the longest time and are always excited to hear about SRUK’s initiatives. SRUK has been a retailer of our warm packs for well over 20 years and every pair sold via their website helps the valuable work of the charity.

The latest one of these is Raynaud’s Awareness Month you can join the conversation on all your usual social channels with the hashtag #KnowRaynauds and at the SRUK website. There is a handy online symptom checker to help you assess your predisposition to the condition and loads of helpful advice and hints.

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