Inevitably the first day of meteorological winter approaches us with forecasters predictions  hyped to stratospheric levels by the more excitable elements of the press. ‘Snowbomb forecast!’, scream the red-top headlines. I’m certain its an age thing, but I do grow rather weary of this style of nonsense. Particularly when it references our generally mild climate.

  At Handwarmer Towers, we prefer a more measured approach to weather related issues and perhaps a  little old fashioned ‘British stiff upper lip’ when we talk about our slightly green and damp land.

 This Saturday we were treated to the first windscreen scrape of the season, a notable annual event and one that I personally enjoy celebrating rather than dreading. Usually, with a small glass of something that warms the cockles. Thats Britishness in a nutshell. 

 Once the familiar winter routine was complete, our commute was made more wonderful, with a view of morning mist in the winter sunshine across the Romsey fishlakes, winter is truly a glorious time of year.  
Enjoy it!


Stay Warm!