Kunzmann Edge Trick pocket sharpener with diamond file


Kunzmann Edge Trick with file. Side Edge tuner for Skis and Snowboards. This version with diamond file included.

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The edge trick is a tiny edge sharpener which is ideal for on the go tuning. You can easily slip one of these in a jacket pocket for a quick tune up during lunch. I also find them handy to form the basis of a compact tuning kit for air travel. Occasionally its useful to have a tool for adding the extra bite to a rental ski in icy conditions.

This mini tool has a bunch of nice features packed into its diminutive frame. It features a click stop angle adjuster which is very easy to set correctly. The chromed roller bearing makes for low friction cutting passes. It’s not really intended as a workshop tool, but more something to carry as part of a ski holiday kit.

Its also available with a variety of abrasive inserts including diamonds in different grades, alu oxide stones and files (obviously). All of these are available individually and extend the versatility and life of the tool.



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