Ski Man Adjustable Base Bevel


Ski Man Adjustable base bevel tool. 


The Ski Man Adjustable Base bevel tool is perfect for all types of ski or board. Its super durable and versatile. The clamping mechanism handles all kinds of abrasive or file. It’s obviously fully adjustable in bevel angle and the results are quite accurate. 

The alloy body is both light and strong with great ergonomics. In use the tool is very comfortable and offers precise control of the file. The range of operation is from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees. This covers 99% of usage cases.

Cutting a steeper base bevel is pretty much irreversible, so work slowly! Cutting steep bevels makes the ski more forgiving but greater effort is needed to set the edge into a turn. For example a slopestyle board might require a steep bevel angle, but a  World Cup slalom race ski might be set to a near flat base edge. The board would be made forgiving to help reduce snagging on rails, the slalom ski super twitchy because the racer is at full attack for the entire run. It’s a matter of setting up the ski correctly for the user profile. It is such an important setup step, as you are able to alter the handling of the ski you are working on. 

Generally speaking, in the real world, somewhere between 0.75 and 1 degree is about right for most users.  



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