Ski Man Racing Guide Plus


Ski Man Racing Guide Plus. 


The Ski Man Racing Guide plus is a precision engineered solid alloy tool, ideal for serious technicians. The built in tool holder has a very firm clamping action and holds a vast array of different cutting tools. Virtually any stone, diamond, file or abrasive can be held securely and used with great accuracy. 

Four roller bearings provide a low friction glide along the ski base with little to no damage. The specially designed shape allows clearance of metal filings easily. 

Grip and ergonomics are, of course excellent. The weight of the tool is reassuring and solid in the hand. A perfect tool for the home workshop and regular user. We recommend these to serious club racers and above, those that tune skis often will appreciate the Racing Guide Plus.

Additional information

Side Edge Angle

90º, 89º, 88º, 87º, 86°

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