Ski Man Combi Sharp


Brilliant and versatile the Ski Man Combi Sharp is a great choice for casual users and occasional ski servicing.

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The Combi Sharp is a small tool with many features. Its highly pocketable but is larger than other small tools, so it may be more convenient as a toolbox sharpener. That said, the larger scale enables the tool to hold a better sized file 80mm! This in common with other Ski Man tools is the excellent Ice Cut Chrome file. This has superb cutting power and durability, with great clog resistance. A quality Swiss product, the Ice Cut files are some of the best available.
The Combi Sharp covers most of your regular servicing operations, with the side edge angles of 88 and 89 degrees, which is perfect for most servicing requirements. The other options offered by the Combi Sharp are 0.5 and 1 degree base edge bevelling. 
Ergonomics are fairly good for a smaller tool. Grip is fairly good and stability very good indeed. With the longer file obviously, less passes are required meaning less effort and time are needed.

Generally, two or three passes are sufficient to restore a dulled edge after a days use. But care is advised to remove a minimum amount of metal from your edges. A ski edge is a very thin item and it should be treated very sympathetically to prolong the lifespan. If daily servicing during a holiday is you aim, then we do advise using a diamond or stone insert in any tool. 




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